15 Minute Bangle / Bracelet! Crochet

15 Minute Bangle



This is so simple and a breeze to get through, you will find yourself reaching for the ball of yarn in your sleep to whip one up for tomorrow’s doings =)

Oh, and you might find yourself making one for every girl you know!

There are 2 different ways I make these depending on the yarn I am using, so I will show my main pattern using either Lily’s Sugar ‘N Cream or Peaches and Creme cottons, and I will make the alteration at the end of the pattern for other lighter weight yarns.


Materials you will need:

-Your color choice in yarn from either the Sugar ‘n Cream or Peaches and Creme or any other cotton of your choice

-H hook 5 mm


-Blunt needle

Techniques used:

dc – Double Crochet

fpdc – Front post double crochet

bpdc – Back post double crochet

Adult – You will start by chaining 30

Child – You will start by chaining 25


  1. Ch 30, join to the 1st ch in your foundation chain to form a circle (Make sure stitches aren’t twisted when joining. Right side of chain should be facing you.)  ALTERNATIVE: If you are familiar with the foundation dc, I would suggest you start this pattern by making 30 foundation dc. This gives the pattern start a cleaner finish.
  2. Ch 2, dc in ea ch around, join into 1st dc of this row, at end.
  3. Ch2, *fpdc in 1st st, bpdc in next*, repeat * around to end and join with 1st dc
  4. Ch1, sc in ea dc around, finish off.


Hide your tails and voila! You are finished!! Easy huh?

Ok, as mentioned above, if you are making this bracelet for a child, you will start by chaining 25 instead of 30, and this is based on one I made for an 8 yr old girl, so younger children, you may have to adjust further.

As I mentioned, there is a slight twist to my pattern with a lighter weight yarn. (I actually like the bulky cotton better though)

In other, lighter weight yarns, acrylic, etc, after I chain my initial 30 and join, I will sc in ea ch around before starting with the step 2 above. So, if you have a thinner yarn, just add that extra step and I think you will like it better as well. I like the width of the cotton bracelet without that first step added, but feel free to add it if you like as well!


Picture above made with 4 oz – 113 gram, acrylic yarn.

Thanks everyone!…. and…. PLEASE! Show me your finished bangles! Would love to see them =)

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**A special THANK YOU! To Jeri, my fellow admin over at the YarnWars group on Facebook for the tip on a foundation dc alternative =) **

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