The ULTIMATE Non-Abrasive Dish & Pot Scrubber! The Scrub-A-Done!


 The Scrub-A-DONE!

Full video tutorial

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G-hook – (For even more scrub power, try an F-hook!)

Cotton Yarn

Blunt needle



Techniques Used:

Seamless Foundation- (Video)

Fphdc- Front post half double crochet

Hdc- Half double crochet



  1. Begin by chaining 31

Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each stitch after- you can work the (Seamless Foundation) instead if you like which makes for a much nicer finish!

(For tip on crocheting a more seamless project, beginning from the back spine of your chain rather than the right side, see video:


  1. Ch 2, turn

Hdc in 1st st ch 1, skip next st, *hdc in next, ch 1, skip next st* repeat ** until you have only 2 stitches left to work after your last ch 1. Hdc in last 2 stitches.


  1. Ch 2, turn

Fphdc in nxt hdc from prev row *hdc in nxt chain 1 space, fphdc in nxt hdc from prev row*, Repeat **, hdc in top of ch 2 at end of the row. (The last 2 stitches in this row should be a fphdc then a hdc into the chain)


REPEAT ROWS 2 & 3 – Grow to desired height.

IMPORTANT– You should have 30 stitches at the end of each row of the regular size and 20 stitches at the end of each row of the sponge- make sure that you count your ch 1 in row 2 as a stitch =)

ALSO: Your Fphdc’s should be lining up!

If you would like to create a border as seen in the multi-color picture above, after creating the final row, ch 2, work another hdc in that same corner, work 1 hdc into ea st around entire project working 2 hdc in ea corner. Join to top of ch 2 at end.



Sponge size Pattern:

Approx 5″ wide

Work same pattern above, beginning with 21 chains instead of 31.

Finish off.


For a slightly different twist to this project, try the following:

After working 2 rounds of rows 2 & 3, ch 1 and sc in ea stitch across. When you reach the end & work your last sc in the row, ch 1, work another row of sc’s across to end to put you back to the right point to start back with your next 2 sets of 2 & 3.

This alternative will put 2 rows of sc in between every 2 sets of rows 2 & 3 as seen in the picture just below!


(Sc or slip stitch 2 together for ULTRA scrubbing sponge action as pictured below!)

sponge sponge2



This pattern is being offered free to the public for creation purposes.
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Thank you for much for your interest in my dish and pot scrubber pattern!

I hope you enjoyed working it =) Please feel free to comment below on how this worked for you!




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