Snowy Ridges Crochet Hat Pattern

Snowy Ridges Crochet Hat Pattern

Hello everyone!

I have been planning on making a matching hat for both the Snowy Ridges scarf along with the Stormy Waters scarf. It was just a matter of time, literally!

I have had quite a few requests for a Stormy Waters crochet hat pattern and it is on the brink of being finished, only a couple of days and it will be released, as always, for free, to my yarn crafting friends ♥

It has been a tough past few weeks because of some health issues in the family and things are going to be moving at a much slower pace on my end with the website and the patterns, only for a bit, so if I take a little longer getting back to your comment/feedback email or other, know that I’m not ignoring you and I will respond as quickly as possible.

We have a few new moderators in the Facebook group that I’m so excited about! These ladies can be found frequently touring the group, being supportive and sharing some beautiful work!
We have my dear friend Jeri Furrey, who has been with YarnWars for a couple of years now, you can also find her on Facebook at TheCrocheting Yenta
Sharron Perryman, my dear mother
Martha Alvarez with Alemia Crochet – dear friend
Jan Gourley – dear friend
An awesome group of people! I’m so lucky to have them as a part of this wonderful community!

This will be a pretty short and sweet post, I want to get the pattern posted and available for you all to get started.

You are going to LOVE this hat, it is SUPER warm, it is cute and it matches perfectly with the Snowy Ridges Scarf. As a matter of fact my friends, this is a hat that works up so so fast you will have no problem with last minute Christmas gifts.

As with most of my patterns, there is a full video tutorial available for this hat, you will find it linked below in the pattern.

Onward to the Snowy Ridges Crochet Hat Pattern! 


Materials Needed 

  • Yarn- There are a few different fibers you can use for this. In the video tutorial, I use Lion Brand Hometown USA, color- Providence Pink. Here are a couple of other suggestions. I used a Peruvian Highland Wool from for the matching Snowy Ridges blue scarf pattern, Bernat Softee Chunky would be another good choice. (1 skein of 81 yds completed the hat pictured above minus the pom pom.) Look for Super Bulky 6. 
  • N hook- 10mm  
  • Stitch marker (optional) 
  • Blunt needle 
  • Scissors 

Techniques & Abbrevs: 

  • Hdc – Half double crochet – (Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops on hook.) 
  • Corkscrew stitch – (Yarn over, insert hook down into back loop only of stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook down into front loop of same stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops on hook.) (Photo example below)(See video example here). 
  • Sl st– Slip stitch – (Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch then through single loop on hook.) 
  • Ch – chain 
  • Inc – Increase – work 2 stitches into same stitch. 
  • Fphdc – Front post half double crochet – Yarn over (YO) hook, insert hook under post of stitch (st). YO, pull up a loop. Three loops on hook, YO hook, pull through all loops on hook. 
  • Bphdc – Back post half double crochet – Yarn over (YO) hook, insert hook under back post of stitch (st). YO, pull up a loop. Three loops on hook, YO hook, pull through all loops on hook. 

Corkscrew Stitch Sample: 

Messy Bun Hat Pattern 

Chain 22, join to the 1st chain made to form a loop.  

  1. Ch 2, 1 hdc into same chain space, 1 hdc into next chain, *increase (2 hdc) in next ch, 1 hdc in next* Repeat ** to end of round, ending with 1 hdc in last ch. Join to 1st hdc of round. (32) 

Move on to round 4 of full hat pattern to finish. 

Full Hat Pattern  

To begin, either chain 4 and join to 1st chain to form loop or make magic circle to work your 1st stitches into for round 1. 

  1. Ch 2, 12 hdc into loop 
  2. Ch 2, 1 hdc into same chain sp, then increase (2 hdc) into all stitches except for last st, 1 hdc in last st. Join to 1st hdc. (22) 
  3. Ch 2, 1 hdc into same ch sp, 1 hdc into next st, *increase in next, 1 hdc in next* Repeat to end. End round with 1 hdc in last st, join to 1st hdc (32) 
  4. Ch 2, Into same ch sp, 1 corkscrew stitch, 1 corkscrew stitch into ea st to end of round (32) 
  5. Ch 2, 1 hdc into same ch sp, 1 hdc into ea st around to end (32) 

Repeat rounds 4 & 5 until you have reached the length of hat needed to cover ears, ending with hdc round. Round 6 is optional: 

  1. Ch 2, fphdc around 1st hdc from previous round, bphdc around next hdc, alternate each stitch with fphdc then bphdc until you have reached the end of round giving the bottom of hat a bit snugger fit. Join to 1st fphdc. Finish off.Optional end with a pom pom. Click here for a quick pom pom tutorial

    (My head measures 22″, my final length of hat was 8″ from top to bottom just for an example.) 


    Note: The hat I worked up in the full video tutorial linked above could fit size 18-22.5″ head using the tools listed, so an older child to Adult Medium. This gives you an idea of the stretch factor with these stitches along with a bigger hook size.  

    If you need a 23″ or larger, I suggest adding the following round before moving on to round 4: 

    Ch 2, 1 hdc into same chain space, 1 hdc into next 2 st, *increase in next, 1 hdc into next 2 st* Repeat ** to end ending with 1 hdc in last stitch (42) 

    For smaller than 18″ (Infant, baby): skip round 3 and continue onto round 4 of full hat pattern which means your stitch count would be (22) to the finish of your hat. 

    If you are using a lighter weight yarn for this project, the chart below can help you find the dimensions you will need to complete. I have only worked this pattern in the Lion Brand Hometown USA and the Bernat Softee Chunky. Unfortunately, I can’t offer support for adjustments of lighter weight yarns at this time. 


    If you haven’t already worked up the matching Snowy Ridges scarf or infinity, you can find it here on our website


As with all of my other patterns, I thoroughly enjoyed designing this hat! I really think you are going to love this! Along with the scarf, you have a complete warm and cozy set for the perfect gift or simply for YOU! 

Make sure if you have any questions at all to take a look at the video tutorial linked above. I do my best to provide a few different mediums such as written, photos, video to help with any area of struggle. I also answer all comments on videos so make sure if you have a question or simply a comment that you feel free to post it! Good or bad ????  

I am also very active in our YarnWars Facebook group, so that is another great place to get support, just tag my name so I see it right away! I would love to see your Snowy Ridges Hat!  


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Have a perfectly wonderful day & happy yarning, my friends! 


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