Giveaway Winners of the 2017 Fall Fiber Contest!!

We have reached the end, my friends, of this extra fun giveaway with!

I’m sure everyone is dying to know and I’m going to get to that in just a moment because I just got the list of winners that were drawn for this giveaway from Anna over at We Are Knitters! 😉

It’s been quite some time since YarnWars last contest and I have been just itchin to get going with a new one. This was an awesome kickoff to many more to come and I hope that you all had a chance to stop in over at the store to see all the fabulous fiber and tool products they carry!

After wrapping this up, I will be working on a fun new mini challenge series that will take place in the YarnWars group where our mini challenges have always all happened.

If you aren’t familiar with YarnWars Mini Challenges, they are just fun little contests that we run to try and keep things fun and entertaining over in the group. Not that we need any more entertaining with all of your great projects being posted, but it is fun to have a little something extra!

The prizes are always different and they aren’t big prizes, they are just fun little somethings to add to your stash of yarn crafting fun!

It’s a great way to participate in the community and get a little competitive along with it!

I currently have a family situation that requires my full & undivided attention. My husband is having some health issues, and that is my first and foremost. Soon, when things are back on track, we will be moving full steam ahead and I’m very excited to introduce this new series with you!

Get excited with me everyone! It’s gonna be a fun ride!!!

So, without further ado!

The winners of the YarnWars & We Are Knitters 2017 Fall Fiber Contest are:

Lisa Lingoes
Aimiee Larson & 
Jennifer Herman!!
Congratulations ladies and thank you all for your participation in this event! Again, many more contests to follow!
Wishing you all a most lovely day!

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