Missing YarnWars Facebook group update!

Hello friends, I just wanted to come in and give a little information about our original Facebook group Yarn Wars FREE Crochet & Knit Community that was either hacked or removed from Facebook.

Somewhere along the line, something happened and we are still trying to get to the bottom of it. Because the powers of Facebook are not as timely in the area of customer support, I am still waiting for responses to several communications I have sent them, I have created a new group for the time being located at: Yarn Wars FREE Crochet & Knit Community

We had a very large group of over 260k members. If the group was removed intentionally by Facebook or if this was a mistake or hacked and can possibly be retrieved, I pray we get our answer soon.

This group to me, however, is not about the numbers, it is about 10 years of trying to foster a tight knit group of like minded crafting friends from around the world. About the camaraderie, so many people coming together to try and keep this a nice group for all, sharing in their work & knowledge. We had that, and we had struggles, as any growing community would, but the majority came together.

I believe after all of the time now, trying to reach someone behind the scenes for some explanation, that this is something we will just have to move on from and start fresh.

Again, If the old group comes back, it comes back, if not, we will have a clean slate and we will still have our amazing community.

Please note, there are a few people / groups who are taking advantage of our loss right now and renaming their groups to this one. If you get an invite from or find a group called Yarn Wars or YarnWars anything, you will know it is the legitimate group if you see my facebook profile as admin (Colleen Hays)

New group location again is: Yarn Wars FREE Crochet & Knit Community

I know we lost a lot of fiber friends and I know many are still finding their way back to us.

I along with the amazing YarnWars team will be working behind the scenes to do our best for this amazing group and with your help, Yarn Wars FREE Crochet & Knit Community will be just fine.

Thank you all for your support throughout the years! I do believe 2024 will be a wonderful year for us all!

Happy yarning ♥


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