Snowy Ridges Crochet Scarf or Infinity Pattern

Hello dear yarn crafting friends!

I remember not long ago saying that scarf season, for me, was right around the corner. This is the season that the juices are flowing on new creatives for me, and I honestly don’t know why scarves are my big thing, but they are, so I must succumb.

Many of you who have worked my patterns before know that I am a total texture freak!

I love to make patterns that defy the norm of crochet. I LOVE to try new things that will achieve the desired look and feel of my vision and sometimes, I may even invent a new stitch or technique in the process. THIS is what makes crochet my passion. I love to be creative and my wheels are always turning as to how I can make something, not only quick and easy but with that cool little twist.

It’s not just about throwing another pattern in the ring. It’s about manipulating stitches, envisioning the look and feel, then trying new techniques to get there. A good example of this is the Wonderland Garden Infinity Dress Scarf from a couple of years ago.

I personally, like to take it a step further, rather than rely on my own words to try and explain that new or not so new stitch ;), I enjoy following my pattern ideas up with video and photos to offer my friends different mediums that will help them when I’m not immediately available to explain exactly how to do something I’ve written out.

Anyhow, I could go on and on, and many of you who know me know that this is all too true! I talk too much, so if you are new and heading to one of my video tutorials, you have been warned! LOL.

This new pattern, Snowy Ridges, I’m thrilled with! I received an order of yarn from, a Peruvian Highland Wool and just gorgeous. EQUALLY wonderful to have streaming through my fingers as I worked up this pattern.

I decided that it was time to make something for myself, so I am happily homing this lush, thick, warm scarf to my very own coat closet which I will wear in the dead of cold Michigan winter.

The bumpy (ridgy) texture on one side adds an extra layer of warmth to this scarf while the other side offers another touch of whimsy like a couple of my other scarves. It’s just a fun scarf to work up all around.

I did a full video tutorial with this yarn, and just so you are aware, the beginning of my video is the actual unboxing of the new yarn, the pattern immediately follows, but you get to join me when I see my yarn for the first time! Totally exciting to me and trust me, you will get that by the end of the unboxing. Hahaha!

The unboxing is only a couple of minutes and the video itself is not long at all as the scarf is super easy and super quick to work up.

Because of the ease of the pattern and quickness and thickness of it all, you will see this is the perfect gift for someone you love!

Christmas is around the corner, dear friends.. again.. Yes, it was just like, yesterday!
There is an urgency right about now for yarn crafters near and far to get started or get finished with those Christmas gifts and I think once you’ve worked up one of these soft and fluffy scarves, you will be planning your next!

On a side note, I am slowly but surely finding my way to other areas of the web, You will find my most recent designer addition on All Free Crochet along with several YarnWars patterns. You will also find a ton of other great free patterns from so many awesome designers so take a stroll through their directory if you haven’t been there before!

Snowy Ridges Scarf or Infinity Crochet Pattern:



  • Yarn- There are several different fibers you can use for this. I have mentioned a few in the video, I will list them here. Your choice of yarn is up to you but you will want to adjust your hook size accordingly (check skein wrap details). I used a Peruvian Highland Wool from, you want to look for a bulky, super bulky or heavier (Weight: 5, 6 or higher) other options could be: Bernat Roving, Lion Brand Hometown USA (6), Red Heart Boutique Infinity (5), Bernat Softee Chunky (6) – (2 – 3 skeins depending on length desired.)
  • N hook- 10mm (If working with a thicker wool like I used.) Check label for recommended hook size on other yarns.
  • Stitch marker (optional)
  • Blunt needle
  • Scissors


  • Hdc – Half double crochet – (Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops on hook.)
  • Sc – Single crochet – (Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook.)
  • Corkscrew stitch – (Yarn over, insert hook down into back loop only of stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook down into front loop of same stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch, yarn over, pull through all 4 loops on hook.) (Photo example below) (See video example here).
  • Sl st- Slip stitch – (Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw yarn through stitch then through single loop on hook.)
  • Ch – chain

Corkscrew Stitch Sample:
corkscrew stitch


The wool I used I started with a 14 chain as seen in video. It is much thicker than typical bulkier yarns. For a bulk or super bulky yarn (5 or 6 weight) You can start with a chain of 20 or however many chains to create your preference of width. Pattern based on 20 chains.

  1. Chain 20, hdc into 3rd chain from hook and each chain to end. (18)
  2. Ch 2, corkscrew stitch (explained above in techniques) into 1st stitch and into each stitch to end.) (18)
  3. Ch 2, hdc into 1st stitch and every stitch to end.
  4. Ch 2, corkscrew stitch (explained above in techniques) into 1st stitch and into each stitch to end.) (18)

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until you reach the desired length for your scarf.

If you wish to create a border, you can work 1 sc into each hdc along side and work 2 sc into each corkscrew stitch around entire scarf.

Instructions for fringe in video at THIS SECTION.

If making an infinity, you can use the tail to stitch back and forth on each end to close your 2 ends together, OR you can work my totally invisible granny square join method! It doesn’t take any longer and you will have a beautiful flat/flush seam that will be difficult to see =)


I hope you enjoy this pattern, it really was a fun one to design and work! I think again, once you make one and see for yourself, the thickness, the warmth, the charm along with the quickness and ease of hooking this up, you will be on to the next! It’s that quick and easy!

Thanks so much everyone for your interest in my patterns!


I created this pattern to be offered free to my yarn crafting friends near and far. This includes anyone with a passion for yarn in whatever medium, crochet, knit, loom and more. Whatever you wish to do, be it sell or gift your final workup of this pattern, you are welcome to do so, I just ask that you try to give a small credit in some way to YarnWars for the design. Please do not distribute copies of this pattern instead, please refer others to website to pick up their own free copy. Referring others to my website is what enables me to continue creating free patterns for the community and offering venues for yarn-tistas to come together.  

Thank you so much for your interest in my pattern and appreciation for the terms laid out. 


As with all of my other patterns, I thoroughly enjoyed designing this scarf! It was super fun, fast and easy and I believe I may have invented a new stitch along the way! 

It’s also reversible so you can enjoy the textured style from either side! 

Make sure if you have any questions at all to take a look at the video tutorial linked above. I do my best to provide a few different mediums such as written, photos, video to help with any area of struggle. I also answer all comments on videos so make sure if you have a question or simply a comment that you feel free to post it! Good or bad ????  

I am also very active in our YarnWars Facebook group, so that is another great place to get support, just tag my name so I see it right away! I would love to see your Snowy Ridges Scarf!  


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