Little Boxes Crochet Scarf Pattern


Hello! Colleen Hays here, owner of I created this pattern to be offered free to
my yarn crafting friends near and far. This includes anyone with a passion for yarn in whatever
medium, crochet, knit, loom and more. Whatever you wish to do, be it sell or gift your final
workup of this pattern, you are welcome to do so, I just ask that you try to give a small credit in
some way to YarnWars for the design. Please do not distribute copies of this pattern instead,
please refer others to website to pick up their own free copy. Referring others to
my website is what enables me to continue creating free patterns for the community and
offering venues for yarn-tistas to come together. All of my patterns are also available for free
download in the Files tab of our YarnWars Facebook group.
Thank you for your interest in my pattern and your appreciation for the terms laid out! ♥

Some of you may remember the classic song Little Boxes, you know, Little houses made of ticky tacky? I personally couldn’t get it out of my head while working this fabulous number! Ladies, gents, you are going to love the simplicity of this design along with its boxy texture! if you are looking for that quick and easy Christmas gift, this scarf will be a winning number! Not just for your recipient, but for you too! 2 easy 4 words!



  • Yarn – Any yarn of your choosing, I used a 4 weight in all of the scarves I
    worked this pattern up with.
  • H, I or J hook – H hook was used in video. Really depends on your
    preference and the thickness of the yarn you are using.
  • Stitch marker (optional- not necessary)
  • Blunt needle
  • Scissors
    Techniques & Terms
  • Hdc – Half double crochet – Yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and
    draw through a loop. Yarn over once more and draw through 3 loops on
  • Front stitch post hdc – Yarn over, insert hook in one stitch, around back
    and through the next, yarn over pull through, yarn over, pull through all 3
    stitches on the hook. (Not to be confused with the front post hdc where
    you work around the post of the stitch) See video for description
  • Sl st- Slip stitch
  • Ch – chain
    Little Boxes Scarf Pattern:
  1. Ch 18
  2. Hdc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc into every stitch to the end. (17)
  3. Chain 1, working into your 1st 2 stitches, work a front stitch post hdc (explained above in techniques- video also available), work a hdc into the 2nd stitch you ended with, over your next 2 stitches, work a front stitch post hdc, hdc into the 2 nd stitch you ended with Repeat ** down the row until you have 1 stitch left, hdc into the last stitch.
  4. Repeat row 3 until your scarf is the length you desire.

If creating an infinity, you can either start row 3 for your foundation chain to keep
a consistent pattern throughout, or you can start with your row of hdc, and end
your work with a row of hdc.
If creating a regular scarf, end your project with a row of hdc’s to end the project
the same as you began.
Optional infinity INVISIBLE close is explained in the final part of the video
Make a throw blanket! Approx 50” x 60” (220 foundation chain)
Baby receiving blanket – 40” x 40” (176 foundation chain)
Make a wider scarf! – 26 foundation chain should give you approximately 6″
If you are simply making a wider scarf, it is easier to add increments of 2
beyond the suggested 18 chain foundation- The scarf I worked up was approx
4.5” in width

I really hope you enjoyed working this pattern! The Little Boxes scarf offers such a
simple yet fun boxy design, and BONUS it is super quick and easy! I really hope
if you give it a try, you will show me your beautiful work over in the YarnWars Facebook group.
Make sure if you have any questions at all to take a look at the video tutorial
linked above. Please also keep in mind, the video was created for a beginner
crocheter so if you are someone with enough crochet knowledge, be forewarned,
I teach this pattern at a beginner level to help with all aspects of the pattern
process. I do my best to answer questions posted in the comments on videos so make sure if you have a question you post it in the video comments or go into our Facebook group and tag me (Colleen
I will ALWAYS do my very best to help!

Happy yarning friends!

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