Crochet Cozy FREE Pattern – Oh My Comfy Cozy!

Oh My Comfy Cozy!

Not just a cozy, but a coaster too!

Oh My Comfy Cozy! You will love this fun cozy pattern. A sleek mesh design & a coaster to boot!

Free Crochet pattern by: Colleen Hays



Video Tutorials for ‘Oh My Comfy Cozy’:

Coaster section (Bottom of Cozy): Click Here!

Part 1: Click Here!

Part 2: Click Here!


Materials needed:

H – 5mm hook

Cotton yarn, any color, any brand

Medium Button




Stitch Marker (use as needed)


Start your cozy with a Magic Loop. Click on link for video tutorial if you are not familiar with a magic loop.

This 1st section works the bottom, coaster section of your cozy-


  1. Ch2, work 9 hdc into loop (Count your ch2 as your 1st hdc) (10)
  2. Ch2, 1 hdc into same stitch as ch2, inc by working 2 hdc into ea hdc around. Join to top of ch2 (20)
  3. Ch2, 1 hdc into same stitch as ch2, [1 hdc in next st, 2 hdc into next st], repeat [ ], join into top of ch2. (30)
  4. Ch2, 1 hdc into same st as ch2, [1 hdc in ea of next 2 st, 2 hdc into following st], repeat [ ], join into top of ch2. (40)

Now we start working upwards (cage style wrap around mug)-



  1. (With right side facing you), Ch2, 1 hdc into ea st, back loop only, around. Join into top of ch2 (40)
  2. Ch3, sk 1st st, [dc into nxt hdc, ch1, skip nxt st, dc in nxt hdc], repeat [ ], do not join, ending row after 20 dc stitch count, counting ch3 as dc. Turn (20)


  1. Ch2, [hdc into the ch1 sp between the first 2 dc, ch1, hdc into the ch1 sp between the next 2 dc, ch1], repeat [ ], turn. (20)
  2. Ch2, [dc in ch1 space between the first 2 hdc, ch1, dc into the ch1 sp between the next 2 hdc, ch1], repeat [ ], turn. (20)
  3. Continue the pattern alternating rows 7 & 8 until you reach your desired height for your mugs You want for your last row to be even with the top inner handle section of mug. Mine came out to be a total of 8 rows after row 5 for an average size coffee mug. 4 total dc rows & 4 total hdc rows. You will end with a turn & 20 total stitches. (20)



To achieve the zig zag edging look, you will need to finish your project off with right side out (facing you).

Ch1, sl into 1st ch1 sp, [ch1, slip into next ch1 sp, ch1, slip into next ch1 sp, ch1], repeat [ ] around upper rim and down and around the handle space bringing you all the way back to the same stitch you started your edging where you will begin your cozy closure.




Make sure you use an odd number of stitches for your closure so that you have an even number of stitches on either side of your button hole. For my specific mug size, I worked 5 total stitches down the side of my my handle for my closure. The following closure pattern is per my mug, you can adjust for the size and space through your mug handle as you need to. You will see in picture, my thumb is on the beginning stitch for the closure.

Note: Your closure strip will go through the opening of your mug handle and overlap at the other side of your cozy, far enough to where you choose to place your button. Measure along the way to make sure you achieve only the length you wish to the button.


  1. Ch2, turn ¼ turn clockwise to start working your closure back down the handle area you just finished edging. Work 1 hdc into the same ch space you made your last slip stitch in. This is your top and 1st stitch in your closure. Ch1, hdc into next ch sp, ch1, hdc into next ch sp, ch1, hdc into next ch sp, ch1, hdc into next ch sp. (5)
  2. Ch2, turn, [hdc into next ch sp, ch1], repeat [ ], (5)
  3. Ch2, turn, [hdc into next ch sp, ch1], repeat [ ], (5)
  4. Repeat row 3 for as many rows as you need for the size of your mug. (5 stitches after ea row)
  5. For button finish on closure strip, at end of your last row for length, you will Ch2, hdc into 1st ch sp, ch1, hdc into 2nd ch sp, ch3, skip 3rd stitch, hdc into 4th ch sp, ch1 hdc into last ch sp, turn (4 hdc & button hole space.)
  6. Ch1, slip into 1st ch sp, ch1 slip into 2nd ch sp, ch1 slip into button hole chain space twice w/ ch1 in between, ch1, slip into 4th ch sp, ch1, slip into 5th and final ch sp.

Finish off.

Fit your crochet cozy to your mug, pull closure through handle to other side of cozy and determine your button placement.

Sew on your button and you are finished!



This pattern was created by Colleen Hays aka Chaysie Crochet on

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purposes. Selling this pattern is strictly prohibited, however, selling the creation

made from this pattern is fine. On another note, there was a lot of time and effort

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