Wonderland Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

Wonderland Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

Wonderland Flowers Free Crochet Pattern by Colleen Hays with YarnWars.com

What you will need:

  • Any hook size, small/medium/large
  • Any yarn, brand/blend/color
  • Scissors
  • Blunt needle

What you will get with this pattern:

5 simple rounds and you end up with this perfectly adorable little 8-petal wonderland flower every time.
The perfect appliqué or garnish for any of your projects.
Try it! You’ll see!

Videos available for:

Magic circle (video)

I will have a full video tutorial for this fun flower within just a couple of days of posting this pattern, so if you are struggling in any area, stay tuned, check back with us at our Vlog at Chaysie Crochet on Youtube!

The Pattern:

  1. Make a magic circle, OR ch 4 and join to the first ch to form a circle.
  2. Ch 1, work 8 hdc into circle, join to 1st hdc.
  3. Ch 3, in same stitch as ch 3 work the following *1 treb, 1 dc, 1 hdc, sl st
  4. Ch 3, in next stitch work the following *1 treb, 1 dc, 1 hdc, sl st
  5. Ch 3, repeat last row around in each stitch until you have completed 8 petals.

When you get to final stitch, after your final slip stitch in your last petal worked, slip stitch once more in the first stitch worked & finish off.


I was just playing a bit while watching a show and these turned out great every time. You can pull the center tight or leave a middle hole, apply a button, on the pink you see the stitching on the inside, I just did a front post slip stitch around the inner posts after finishing off the petals. To finish with a slip stitch around the inner posts, as you see in the bright pink flower on the left in the picture, after you complete round 5 and make your last slip stitch, simply insert your hook into each center space in round 2, draw your yarn through and slip, repeat this for that round then finish off.

There are some different twists you can put on these.
They are simple, adorable & quick! (only minutes to make!)


I would love to see your final creations with this pattern!

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This is an original pattern by Colleen Hays- All rights reserved.
It is being offered free for personal use & purpose only.
You are welcome to sell a finished product from this pattern, but not the pattern itself nor a rendering of this pattern. I do ask that you give credit to me as the designer with a direct link to either of the following if you publish or share this pattern in any fashion:

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