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It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!

Winter! Ahem, I mean, the holidays!

So, I started working on another type of pattern, but I got this far and thought… Gosh darnit! I made a snowflake! A pattern was born. So here you are, a pretty, simple, quick to work up project for the holidays.

This is one of those brain dead projects that, once you make one… for the pattern end of it, you will be whipping these out in no time. Several in an hour, in fact! My quickest workup of one of these was 12 minutes. That was after making about 3 of them. The other 3 were around 15 minutes.

Let’s just say this project will give you a quick brain break from the big afghan you’re making, or all of the orders you have to fill…. and, well, it’s pretty!

Make them for tree ornaments, pull out your cotton and work up a few snowflake coasters to fest up the home, grab your crochet thread and work up some pretty snowflake pins for your friends at the office (that idea was given to me by a dear friend and one of my co-admin’s Jeri!).

So many different things you can do! Let’s see what creatives you come up with! Let’s make a snowflake!

Snowflake Pattern

First let me start by saying, I created this pattern to be offered free to my yarn crafting
friends near and far. This includes anyone with a passion for yarn in whatever medium, crochet, knit, loom and
more. Whatever you wish to do, be it sell or gift your final workup of this pattern, you are welcome to do so, I
just ask that you try to give a small credit in some way to YarnWars for the design. Please do not distribute
copies of this pattern instead, please refer others to website to pick up their own free copy.
Referring others to my website is what enables me to continue creating free patterns for the community and
offering venues for yarn-tistas to come together. All of my patterns are also available for download in the Files
tab of our YarnWars Facebook group.
Thank you so much for your interest in my pattern and your appreciation for the terms laid out! ♥


– Yarn- I used in video: Paton metallic silver. Use your own choice of yarn.
– G hook was used in video. Use suggested hook on yarn label for other yarn types.
– Stitch marker (optional)
– Blunt needle
– Scissors
Techniques & Terms
– Sc – Single crochet.
– Dc – Double crochet.
– Treble – .
– Sl st- Slip stitch
– Ch – chain

Snowflake Pattern:
Begin by creating a magic circle (or ch 4 & join to 1st chain made with sl st).

  1. Ch 3, *sc into loop, ch 3* Repeat ** until you have 5 – 6 ch 3, join to 1st chain made in beginning of
    round. (This will be the # of points your snowflake ends up with.)
  2. Slip st into 1st ch 3 sp. *Ch 2, work (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc) all into that ch 3 space, ch1* Repeat
    ** for each ch 3 space in round. Join into 1st dc made in round.
  3. Slip st into next dc, then also into 1st ch 3 space. *Ch 2, work (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all into that
    ch 3 space, ch 1, work a sc into the space between the 2 sets of dc from previous round,
    sl st into next dc, sl st into next ch 3 sp.* Repeat ** to end. When you complete your final
    ch 3 space, you will work a sc in between the 2 sets of dc as before, then join to the base
    of the chain up made in the beginning, with sl st.
  4. Ch 1, sl st into the 1st dc from previous round. *Ch 3, treble crochet into next st, sc into
    next st, sl st into ch 3 corner, ch 2, work (2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 2dc) all into the ch 3
    corner. Sl st into next dc, ch 3, treble into next st, sc into next, ch 1, sl st into 1st dc in next
    corner area.* Repeat ** until you reach the end. Join to the base of the beginning chain
    up to end this round. Note: It is not necessary to ch 1 at end of this round.


If you are looking for ideas for your snowflakes, honestly, the sky is the limit on this one! Make
some small ones from crochet thread and a smaller hook for gift tag décor!, coasters, such as
the ones displayed in photo above, ornaments for the tree, hang them from your outdoor trees,
I would L-O-V-E to know how you choose to display your snowflake ☺


I really hope you enjoyed working this up and I hope you make a ton and hang them all over
your house, from the tree to the walls to the ceiling! They are sooooo fast to work up.
After the video, I timed myself start to finish on a snowflake, same size, same yarn/hook, it
took me 12 minutes, and that was messing with my yarn to unwind! That quick!
There are others quicker than me, so if you crochet fast, you will have no problem whipping up
several of these in under an hour.
Make sure if you have any questions at all to take a look at the video tutorial linked above. I
answer all comments on videos so make sure if you have a question you post it or go into our
Facebook group and tag me (Colleen Hays); I will do my very best to help!
I would love to see your Snowflakes or any of your other creations! Come join us over at
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Have an amazing day & happy yarning, my friends!


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