Favorite Holiday Yarn Creation Challenge Entries

-Our contest has now ended-

Good Morning Everyone!! We are almost at the big 2015!! I hope everyone has a very safe evening while bringing in the New Year! After much work, a late night, creating a spreadsheet with all of your entries, printing, cutting & now finally, the drawing! We have our winner! Remember, our drawing was not based on who had the best or who had the most popular entry, if we had to make that choice it would be UNBELIEVABLY difficult! Everyone has such amazing talent here.. We took the number of entries a person had at the time of my screenshots + their actual submission entry and entered them into a big glass vase for our drawing, reached in, shuffled the entries and picked a random slip…. and our winner is:

**Denise Walker-Roberts**!!
In Denise’s words: this is my own design, it is emmet otter. my children are all grown but watching christmas specials with my kids before dvrs or netflix was one of my favorite things to do at christmas, and EMMET OTTER’S JUG BAND CHRISTMAS was always mine and my son’s favorite. so i made him this. i hope to make him the rest of the characters by christmas.

Congratulations Denise!

Thank you so much everyone for participating. Reading through all of your entries throughout the contest was such a wonderful treat. The Holidays seem to be that one special time of year that we can really take a step back in time and reminisce about the wonderful memories, the traditions & what is truly important in our lives. I have enjoyed every one of your shares, it is what makes these late nights so worth while!

Happy New Year friends!!

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