Crochet Fashion Tip! The Twisted Column Stitch

Hello friends!

So, I mention crochet fashion tip in the title, and I will explain why. I wouldn’t consider this stitch to be much more than a tedious stitch to work, that looks pretty cute when it’s finished! Other than small areas of a project, such as little accent areas or small trim… let me repeat… small trim, this stitch could not hold my attention for too long, it is, a bit annoying. I personally think that the twisted column, is one of those stitches, that after you’ve finished row 2 of your king size afghan, you are finally able to work it in your sleep at light speed! if, of course, you could handle it for that long.

I was wandering the internet in search of some other stitch, and I just happened upon this one. I don’t like to pass up a complicated piece of work, I ALways love a challenge, so when I saw that, not only did this stitch look complicated, but it was in a different language as well! I was all over it  I didn’t even look around for an English version, (I wondered why I didn’t look for an English version after!)

So, after I figured out how to make this from the pattern, I did a little search on YouTube to see if I had it all wrong, and, I was only able to find a lady, working this (in another language), only she was working this with a needle alongside her hook, pulling the yarn from the bottom up. It didn’t even remotely resemble the written tutorial that I had worked from, other than her ch 3 to start and 10 loops around the hook, so as I post this, I hope that I even got this stitch right!

If someone is reading this and is familiar with this stitch, you are welcome to chime in! Sure, I might be a little embarrassed for not looking more into this and just hopping on the bandwagon to get my little tutorial out on it.. I’ve been known to put the cart before the horse, so now that it is all out there, you know, that this is my interpretation of a written pattern in a different language.

Twisted Column Stitch

I am going to go ahead and post the link here if you prefer to look at the directions yourself for possibly, your own interpretation. 

If you have no interest in interpreting or translating, feel free to view the video and work along if you like!

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