The Exfoliator Spa Face and Kitchen Cloth!




Hello YarnWars friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a new pattern with you all and I’ve missed my time away.

Although I haven’t actually been away, I haven’t had the time to create new videos or write up new patterns, it has been a hectic past several months and now I am back full steam!

So today I am introducing a new face cloth or dish cloth pattern to the world of crochet. I think you will love it!

I call it the Exfoliator because it has such a wonderful texture and it is the perfect exfoliate for your face scrub or an excellent dish cloth or towel. The pattern would make a wonderful blanket pattern as well as it works up so quickly and has a nice tight design for luxury, warmth & comfort.

I have also created a video tutorial to assist with some of the possible more complicated areas of the pattern, so I hope you enjoy and share your finished creations with the cool crew over on Facebook in our group =) We also have a Page on Facebook if you just want to be alerted of new and upcoming things in YarnWars!

Click on the image above or the link just below the image to get to the pattern page =).


Thank you all for being such an important part of my life and for the continued support for our crochet community from around the world!

A special shout out to my co-admin Jeri who is relentless in her quest to keep YarnWars on Facebook a clean and drama-free environment!

Love you guys!


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