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A few days ago, someone had posted a pattern on our Facebook Group page that they had found to help another member who was looking for a simple, quick baby blanket. The video for this project, titled “How to crochet a baby blanket in only 3 hours” had me stumped!

I thought, that was a pretty steep claim and you must have to be REALLY fast with your hooking to accomplish something like that, so I decided to give it a try myself.

Now, I did not have the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn that was suggested for this, however, I did have a bulky Bernat yarn that was similar in weight (along with my trusty J hook, which was just fine for my experiment =)

Bernat From The Middle Baby BlanketLet me continue on to say that I was thrilled with this pattern, it is fun, it is not a painful or complicated pattern, while it is repetitive with 2 rows throughout, it is comfortable and you work it so quickly without realizing how far you’ve gotten within a pretty short period of time!

I will be picking up a few skeins of this particular yarn to make a true baby blanket with this, the yarn I used was a bit stiffer, but let me tell you, the endless possibilities of this pattern… It’s fantastic! You can make place mats, seat covers, of course, baby blankets!

My final project worked a 16 x 16″ square and I worked it in about 1 1/2 hrs, so I’m pretty sure that if this is going to be a full size blanket, for a baby, you will be close, but maybe not as quick as 3 hrs, unless you are Speedy Gonzalez!

I also noticed mine is just never as loosely stitched as some, such as in the video itself, I personally feel that as loose as it was being made in the video, it was coming out a bit bigger & clumsier looking than I would want for a baby blanket, and that is just a personal opinion, so, if you are going by the size being made in the video, I believe a 3 hr blanket is most definitely doable. =)

So, after making this, and the simplicity of this pattern, it was a brain dead choice for my YarnWars Top Pick Pattern of the week.

Remember, there are so many possibilities for this pattern, it is just one big granny square, you could make a tote bag, a table cloth, really, there isn’t a whole lot you couldn’t do with this pattern, so give it a try! Even for just a small simple square, and I would LOVE to see your attempt at this pattern, your color choices, or what you turned your creation into! It really is a beautiful, well written pattern =)

You will find the FREE written pattern for this at Yarnspirations- From The Middle Baby Blanket pattern.

Feel free to drop by and visit us at the YarnWars group page on Facebook and share with us your final “From the Middle” creation!

Have an aMAZingly wonderful day everyone =) Thanks for joining me today!


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