Talent knows no boundaries! With yarn, the possibilities are endless!

Photo credits and Falkor creation by: Shalynn Marie | Permission to use photo for recognition of this project granted by Shalynn Marie.

Recently, YarnWars Facebook group was greeted by this beautiful creature, created and shared by a lady named Shalynn Marie, for a little boy who was ill.

It took no time at all for this amazing luckdragon, also known as Falkor, from an all time favorite movie ‘The Neverending Story’, to find it’s way all around the internet. Over 55,000 shares later it quickly became the talk of the yarn crafting community worldwide!

According to Shalynn, her inspiring 9 foot long creation took 27 days to create, 12 pounds of yarn, 10 pounds of fluff, 5 sheets of felt and 4 days of brushing! WOW!

Talking to Shalynn was equally a delight, she states, “My heart is so full right now of the responses and the hope that the lil boy I made it for will also get much needed love and attention. Its very exciting and rewarding. I’m extremely humbled!”

Sorry friends, no pattern! Shalynn worked this lovable fluffy luckdragon up through trial and error as she went along, but she did mention in one of her comments that she may create a smaller pattern.

It’s beyond inspiring to see the many different creations that are constantly popping up all across the internet by so many talented yarntistas and it is always heartwarming to hear of the many works going to homes in need. The selfless devotion of time and talent is something we see so frequently within the yarn community.

So many members post, daily, their massive gifts of love to be donated to hospitals, charities and more, from beanies for premies to fidget muffs for dementia,  the altruistic gifts members share, create a contagious need for others to join in.

A strand of yarn, to many, is just a strand of yarn, for the yarn crafter, a strand of yarn becomes a vision, then a gift of love.

Visit Yarn Wars FREE Crochet & Knit Community to learn more about what other members are doing with their hooks, needles, looms & fibers. Once there, make sure to stop by the group’s Files tab to locate the Organizations & Charities document to learn of areas that could use your help!

Have a wonderful evening dear friends! Until next time….

Happy Yarning!


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