Are you Getting our Contest Alerts?

Hello everyone!

If you had signed up at prior to today, you would have signed up on the generic WordPress subscribe alerts system. This system has not been working properly, and has not been sending you alerts of YarnWars new up and comings and I am so very sorry for this problem. New contests & Mini-Challenges, new Free patterns, you should be the 1st to know when these things happen, but, sadly, this has not been the case.

We have a new contest arriving, that will be announced on April 6th and I want to make sure you are all getting this announcement when I make it, therefore I have had to switch to a new, more reliable & trusted subscription service.

The only thing you have to do is enter your email address in the box below, then confirm with one click of the mouse in your email confirmation that will follow… that’s it! You have nothing more to do, and you will start receiving our messages. No long forms, nothing more.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Again, please accept my sincerest apology for this inconvenience, I had no idea until just recent that the current subscriptions was not working properly on the site,  it has to do with settings on my host and what is not in place along with limitations. I have been working on this for over a week trying to fix what was already in place so as not to have to go through a resubscribe with everyone. I did not want to ask people to have to redo their sign up, but alas, I am at a bit of a standstill.

I also want to mention, if you DID happen to receive this email in your inbox, my hosting provider has temporarily put something in place so I would be able to notify you all of this change to a new service. Again, if you are receiving this post in your inbox, this is only temporary and you will need to enter your email address in the text box above to ensure future mailings from YarnWars.

Again, we do have our new contest announcement coming up, signing up today is the only way you will receive direct notification from YarnWars of these and future events, such as new free patterns, new Mini-Challenges & other contests, etc!

Lastly, please know that at YarnWars, your privacy is VERY important to us! We do not share email addresses with anyone. Your email will strictly be used for the purpose of communications from YarnWars.

Thank you so much everyone, for being a part of YarnWars & have a lovely Easter!


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