Beginner Crochet Patterns – Free and Easy!

We all had to start somewhere and let’s face it, yarn crafting in any genre can be quite the daunting craft for a beginner; because of this, I’ve decided to lay out a few fun beginner crochet patterns that I’ve personally worked up myself!

Simple doesn’t mean less than and these patterns can really pop in your next craft show, as a beautiful gift, on display in your store, be it online or off, or even worked into an bigger project!

Beginner crochet patterns are not just for the novice, they are continually worked up by crocheters at every level, so if you see “easy” or “beginner” don’t let that steer you away from a project that could be even more appealing than sometimes a more advanced piece.

The Hip to be Square Water Bottle Cozy – (click for pattern)

This is the perfect time to work this fun pattern up! Hot summer days require hydration and with this water bottle cozy, you have a convenient way to make sure your refreshment is close by.

The Hip to be Square water bottle cozy is actually an earlier pattern of mine, but I find myself pulling this pattern out time and time again to replenish the supply of water bottle holders for dune hikes, walks on the beach and more, every summer. These ALWAYS come in handy!

Written, photo and full video tutorial for this pattern make it a simple and quick project!

Crochet Granny Square for Beginners

Crochet Granny Square – (click for pattern)

A granny square is a great way to fine tune your craft! There are endless granny square patterns and many of them are pretty darn simple. Granny squares, love them or hate them, can be turned in to virtually anything, such as blankets, table runners, ponchos, even slippers! Granny squares can be made in all different sizes, simply adjust your hook accordingly for your desired size!

This pattern can also be found on the YarnWars website by clicking on the link above along with a full video tutorial to help make this pattern SUPER simple!

Daisy Coasters – (click for pattern)

I wanted to make sure and add this delightful daisy to the mix because I used it in my photo above. When I do this I always have several people asking where they can get the pattern for the “other” thing in the picture.. hahaha… (should I be offended?) LOL… no, but seriously, this was too fun not to display!

This pattern is so adorable and really, you can work several of these up in less than an hour once you have the hang of what you are doing. I made a set of 6 for a friend and they took me just over an hour to finish. This is a free pattern courtesy of Whiskers and Wool.

I personally think this pattern is very simple, however, a newbie may struggle locating a couple of stitch areas on the petals. Just don’t over think it and you will be fine!

Easy Moss Stitch Dishcloth – (click for pattern)

You are going to love the way Mikey, with the Crochet Crowd, offers his simple instructions whether you are following the video tutorial or the written pattern for this very simple moss stitch dishcloth.

Dishcloths are always a sure thing, everyone uses them and you can crochet these pretty quick. You can offer them in sets or make them longer to hang in your kitchen as a dish towel or as hot pads. Another great use for these are for spa. Surprise your house guests with these stylish little exfoliates for the face! They are so easy and will help work you into a new stitch right off the bat! Full video tutorial availabe!

Cluster Stitch Bag – (click for pattern)

One of my first big projects, (big to me at the time ) was this stylin cluster stitch bag by Clare with

I found her to be very thorough and easy to understand through not only this bag pattern, but several of her other lovely designs.

This bag is great for throwing your wip (work in progress) into to pull out and work on while you are sitting at your child’s sports event or wherever you may be lounging. It’s also a great bag to store your yarn. When I started out and didn’t have a TON of yarn, I stored all of my cotton skeins in this super sturdy, little tote. 

My color choices on this particular bag were a little blech!! LOL! I remember having this very rough specialty yarn that I needed to figure out a good make for, so this is what I chose.
The link above for the cluster bag will take you to a page with several bags. The one labeled Cluster Stitch Bag  is the one to look for if you wish to work this with the written pattern. Click here for full video tutorial.

I label these as beginner patterns because of my own experience with them. I wanted to offer you creatives that wouldn’t get boring to work up while you were fine tuning your crochet, however! there are obviously even simpler patterns available if you are still trying to get comfortable with your basic stitches.

As I mentioned, you will want to make sure to have some basics of crochet down when you start, such as how to hold your hook and yarn, how to make the very basic stitches, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, slip stitch and of course, the most basic of them all… chaining!

Once you get started and actually see your stitches forming into a beautiful work of art, BAM!! You’ll be addicted just like all of us other yarn fanatics in our group over at YarnWars Free Crochet & Knit Community on Facebook!

Please do join us! We would love to see you there! You will find awesome support, learn new tips and tricks, find free patterns and make awesome, new yarn friends from around the world!

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