Contest Update: March 13th YarnWars Mini-Challenge!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!

I am only popping in to announce the time for the upcoming YarnWars Mini-Challenge Friday, March 13th. Can you believe the craziness!!!! February 13th fell on a Friday as well! I’ll just take that to mean that this Mini-Challenge is going to have 5 LUCKY WINNERS!

Click for more info on the Mini-Challenges here!

I have set the time to 6 pm EST to hopefully be accommodating to work hours for some. I’m always open to feedback so feel free to let me know your thoughts for future mini-challenges.

I’m pretty random with these, this will be the last Mini-Challenge through March as I will soon be announcing another contest that will be held on our Facebook page.

For anyone not already signed up at, please make sure you head to the home page and click on Register in the login form to get set up… It’s totally free, and you will be notified of all new contests, challenges & free patterns we come out with!

I recently posted about communication issues on Facebook, which you are welcome to read about in my last post. It makes it impossible for me to let you know of these upcoming events unless you are signed up here at

Thanks so much everyone, for being a part of YarnWars & Have a wonderful day!


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