Balloon Buddy to the Rescue! Free Crochet Heart Pattern

Click on photo for pattern – PDF printable pattern available on YarnWars Facebook group.

This adorable little crochet heart Balloon Buddy will keep your balloon in place! He is super quick and easy to work up.. Less than an hour to complete! Not just for Valentine’s Day, but a PERFECT addition to any display!

With Balloon Buddy afoot, your balloon is sure to stay put!

I’m sure many of you, like myself are often looking for creative ways to brighten holidays for the kids. Valentine’s Day is one I enjoy. I actually don’t go all out, just a sweet little something and always a balloon and a little stuffy to go along with it.

I strategically place each little group of treats on the table making sure to create an almost perfect display.

The kids walk in the door from school and there it is, waiting for them. Just a little reminder that I’m thinking of them. I’m not sure they would even notice if I missed a year; it’s probably more for me that I go through this little labor of love, but as long as there are kids in my home, the tradition will live on.

This is one of the reasons I created Balloon Buddy! I wanted to find a way to add my own creative to the mix, and in the making of these little displays, I am usually trying to find a cute way to attach the balloon… this is where my AHA! moment comes in!

Anyhow, I also have this other tradition as many of you know… I go on and on, and I could do that now, but I won’t, I’ll just finish this up with one final thought. Think of Balloon Buddy as your canvas. You have the layout, the pattern, take your heart Balloon Buddy to the next level! Give it a mustache, some curly hair… Think of the facial expressions you could create… the possibilities are endless!

Whatever you choose to do, I would so love to see how you dress up your Balloon Buddies. When you click on the link below to go to the pattern, at the bottom of the page there are several different venues you can share your Balloon Buddy and other yarn art with the YarnWars community.

I hope you enjoy the pattern, it is very quick and easy to make. A video tutorial will be available within the next couple of days on the YarnWars channel, so stay tuned, I will be adding the link to the video in here as soon as it’s available.


Thanks so much for being a part of YarnWars!

Happy Yarning, my friends!



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