Introducing Crochet Quickies With Chaysie!

So, I have this fun new pattern I wanted to share with everyone, unfortunately, I am still working up the written pattern itself. Video available now!


This is the first time I’ve gone live with a video pattern of mine that I haven’t introduced in written form beforehand, so this WILL NOT happen often, and there WILL, in fact, be a written pattern, but this time, the chicken did come before the egg =D. I am finding that it is more difficult to explain the 1st couple of steps of this pattern in writing, but the visual makes it SUPER simple, hence, the video before the written.

I thoroughly enjoy playing with the hook and yarn and trying different techniques to see what I can drum up, if the effect is as I imagine it to be by adding this step here or that stitch there. Maybe out of boredom of the usual makes, or following a pattern at all.

It is nice sometimes to just let the creative juices flow and be a part of the design end.

I know this is a bit simplistic, a cell phone case or holder, and although a lot of people are making them, it may not be the hottest item on the market, but it was more the effect that I was creating here, and I did achieve what I was after!

Well, of course, many designs are created by accident, when you go about it in the method I did, and I am happy to say, this accident, I’m delighted with!

Now, you may feel the need to get creative on your own by possibly adding a couple of flowers, or a snazzy handle, maybe some beading… tassles even! But that is the fun of a pattern, no two workups are alike, and the final product is from the love you put into it… right?!

So without further ado, I would like to introduce the next adventure with YarnWars…. Crochet Quickies with Chaysie!

The Layered Crochet Cell Phone Case / Holder, is the 1st of many fun new FREE projects to come in the Crochet Quickies line! =)

One quick note before I end today, there are actually 2 versions of this cell phone case, one is the simpler meshy one in the center, and it has been trying to go live on YouTube for the last couple of days. I’m getting errors uploading it, so hopefully I will figure that out quick! One quick tip though, if you like the plainer mesh look, the pattern is exactly the same, I’ve just eliminated the layer round that you will see in the video 😉 .

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful sunny day, and I look forward to seeing you all in the group at YarnWars on Facebook!

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Have a wonderful day, friends!




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