I Love the Waffle Stitch! (Crochet)

The family was sitting around watching a movie last night, so I decided to work a new stitch I’ve been wanting to try.. the waffle stitch. I had about a 1/2 skien of the supersaver, maybe not quite that much, but I started crocheting, and it was such a simple stitch, I just kept going until I ran out of yarn =(. I now have only 1/2 a scarf.. actually, not quite 1/2. Long & short of this story, I LOVE the outcome of this stitch, well, making it was fpdc painful.. (Not one of my favorite stitches to have to do more than once) but it creates a very full, thick feel. Definitely my pattern choice for a scarf!
Not sure I will be able to match this color local, so I’m going to make a full scarf with some different yarn.
You are all probably familiar with the waffle stitch, if not, I thought I’d go ahead and post this pattern, which is free on Lion Brand, if you were interested in trying. It’s a beautiful pattern.
I don’t know if you need to be logged in to get it, so I will post the link to the pattern and the pattern number if it doesn’t take you right to the correct page.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!! Don’t forget, counting today, there are 5 more days on your ornament entry for the contest at the top of the page!
Waffle Stitch Scarf FREE Pattern
Pattern# 80986AD

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