Ode to Crochet Bracelets! YarnWars Top Pattern Picks!

Crochet Bracelets Bangles

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It’s been a while for a pattern review and so I decided to not only give a quick write up on a couple of awesome patterns I found, I also wanted to make note that the 3 patterns listed here are simple work ups with some great gift or even craft fair potential! So I am also listing these as Power Hour projects! Projects that can be made in under an hour!

I know many of you participate in one or more arts and craft shows in your area, and I’ve heard several people ask about patterns that might sell well and would be simple to make. The patterns I am featuring today are easy to work up, they are so fashionable and would be great accessory add ons in your displays!

The first pattern is a creation by Oombawka design, Rainbow Friendship Bracelet! This design is so unbelievably easy to make, quick to work up, in only a matter of minutes you could have several of them made!

I have made a few of them myself in different colors. Rhondda’s is a rainbow which is adorable. Make sure to visit Oombawka Designs page to pick up this fun free pattern and get ready to pull out that little hook that may have been collecting a little dust!


Side note: I must admit, I seriously appreciate this crochet alternative to making friendship bracelets, and I think you might too!Click here for the Rainbow Friendship Bracelet by Oombawka Design:


The next design I would like to talk about is called Not Granny’s Bangle Bracelet by Simply Collectible Crochet. This bangle adds a great touch to dress up your day!


This bracelet was so fun to make, you are creating mini granny squares to work together in the end for a fresh twist on your day or evening wear!

In my version of this bangle, I actually used a slightly larger hook size, so that brought my granny square count down to 4. I actually worked up all 6 mini squares, but for sizing, I only used the 4.

This is such a fun bracelet, and with a plethora of color combo choices, you could whip this bracelet up in a fun casual or even more formal tone that would perfectly glam up your night on the town!

Click here for the Not Granny’s Bangle Bracelet by Simply Collectible!


The last bracelet / bangle is available right here at YarnWars! I call this the 15 minute bangle because you can literally make it in 15 minutes or less!


The fun thing about this bracelet is you can make one up quick in the cotton of your choice, last minute even, for your day at the beach, the park, a festival… all kinds of fun! This is just a fun casual accessory to touch up your spring and summery wardrobe!

Click here for the 15 Minute Bangle Bracelet by YarnWars!


Let’s be honest, any of these bracelets can be worn year round with the proper color choices, of course =)

Now, as many of you know, I like to make a project myself and learn of any possible obstacles before I just post a pattern on YarnWars for a review. I want to make sure my experience with someone else’s creation is tried and true so when I tell you about these projects, you can be confident in knowing what you are getting into before you start! These patterns were simple, and in my opinion, if I can make them, ANYone can! =D

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Have a wonderful week everyone!



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