Power Hour with Crochaysie! Crocheted Valentine’s Day Hearts Treat Bags!

Crochet along with our January Power Hour Segment with Crochaysie!

The official Power Hour with Crochaysie Vlog consists of awesome FREE Crochet Creations that I find around the internet that can be made in not much more than an hour, many times less than an hour! Fun projects that you can follow along with, so grab a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa, your hooks, some yarn and let’s get started!

Today’s Power Hour crochet along segment is called Crocheted Valentine’s Day Hearts by Country Woman Magazine!
Written pattern can be found at:
Country Woman Magazine

These adorable hearts can be made as stand alone hearts or as our instructions in this crochet along video include, Valentine’s Day Heart treat bags!
They are perfect for classroom treats for your children to bring in on Valentine’s day for their friends, they are perfect for treats for your own kids, the teacher, the bus driver… Anyone at all!
It is truly a treat from the heart =) PLUS! if you are comfortable with the craft of crochet, you could easily knock out 2 of these bags in an hour. Simple, fast & fun! The three component for a truly fabulous choice for our January Power Hour with Crochaysie!

(Please note- I am in no way affiliated with Country Woman Magazine,
these tutorials are available for informational & entertainment purpose and are not meant to take away, in any fashion whatsoever, the claim of ownership to this pattern. This is NOT a YarnWars pattern it is a pattern of Country Woman Magazine.)

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