New Mini-Challenge Around the Bend! Only at YarnWars Group on Facebook!

You heard that right! A new Mini-Challenge is coming to YarnWars! June 4th at 6pm Eastern!

Our first announcement will always be here at This is the place that we can communicate with all of our members and be “virtually” assured that you will know about it in time to mark your calendars!

I say virtually, because there is an occasion where someone might not see our announcement if the email happened to land in the dismal spam box…

We love to have fun at YarnWars and I try to run at least 1 mini-challenge a month, so if you are not already registered (free) here at, make sure to enter your email address in the text box on the right sidebar, it’s as easy as that and you will learn of our new free patterns, our exciting contests and our fun little mini-challenges =) For more information on our Mini-Challenges and Contests… Click here!

To participate, you must be a member of the YarnWars Facebook Group, there will be 3 winners for this upcoming challenge and as many of you know, unlike our contests that we run on our YarnWars Facebook Page or here at, our mini-challenges are just fun little games with fun little somethings for prizes. Nothing big, just a little surprise delivered to your mailbox & the mini-challenges usually have multiple winners. You’ll never know what you are going to receive until your package arrives on your doorstep; it could be a skein of yarn, a couple of fun hooks, or something unrelated to the craft altogether (We do try to stay on topic)! It’s always fun to get a little something in the mail, and our challenges are never really that difficult, so it’s just a little something for community involvement and entertainment 😉

Our mini-challenges can be anything from quick crochet or knit workups, a short but sweet photo contest of sorts, trivia contests & more! All you have to do is mark the time and date on your Calendar and be sure to get there quick because some of our mini-challenges have been known to last less than an hour! If you would like to read more about mini-challenges at YarnWars, please click here (the link will take you to a previous challenge page, but provides more information for people who haven’t played with us before =D)

I hope you will all join us, again, we love to have fun at YarnWars, so don’t miss out, come and join our group of amazingly talented crocheters and knitters from around the world!

Important note: Everyone who is a member of YarnWars Facebook group is eligible to participate, however, if you do not reside in the United States, please expect a delay of possibly 2-4 weeks on prize delivery.

Have a yarn good day everyone!!! 


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