New YarnWars Mini-Challenge! 3 WINNERS!

I’ll give you one little hint…


That is all I’m going to say until Friday rolls around and the big 7 o’clock EST rings in.

I will also go ahead and let you know that entries will be within only a few hours, but the challenge will extend through the weekend.

There will be 3 winners and it will be fun! There will NOT be another announcement until the contest post on Friday,

Please read on to learn more about the Yarn Wars Mini-Challenges and don’t forget! If you aren’t already registered free at, please head over and take care of that soon so you can be alerted to new challenges and contests happening with us on Facebook! If you are receiving this post in your email, you are already registered! 

The following information, if you continue reading will also explain why it’s so important, if you wish to participate in the fun events that take place at Yarn Wars, to register today:

What is a Mini-Challenge?

Our Mini-Challenges are just little fun games or challenges we play in the group, usually there are a few winners and the prizes are not major, but just fun little surprise gifts that you will receive in the mail for playing and you won’t even know what you are receiving until it reaches your mailbox, unlike our contest that might run anywhere up to a month that are more specific on winnings. You are never limited to the amount of mini-challenges you participate in, so that means if we have 3 mini-challenges in 1 month, and you play all 3 of them and are one of our winners for all 3 of them… LUCKY YOU!!  and many of our members have won multiple times! The Mini-Challenges can range from trivia contests to specific yarn work-ups, whatever the mood of the day! You are eligible regardless of where you live!

For those of you who are already registered here at website,  you should be getting this announcement today, and you can pretty much disregard the rest, but for those just coming into or not already signed up at the website, please read on…

Why should you register FREE with YarnWars today?

There have been quite a few changes on Facebook that make it very difficult for me to communicate with the group members. Facebook will not allow groups to reach out to their members as a whole anymore by announcing events and such without paying for advertising.

In the past, if I posted an event on Facebook, the majority of you would receive notification of the event; now, whether you have opted out of that notification or not, Facebook will not allow me to make an event announcement without paying for it or unless you are on my friend list. You have to actually come into the group and scroll to that post to see it. As it stands now, if you hadn’t stopped by YarnWars in a few days, a Mini-Challenge could have come and gone without you even knowing. is a free site, so at this time it is hard to justify paying for something I do for free as it is now, maybe down the road when I am able to stretch my budget a bit, Facebook will get a few bucks from me, so the only other way I could think to reach out to everyone, is to let you all know of this other option, and that is to register here at YarnWars, by entering your email address in the text box in the top right box, so that when I have a new Mini-Challenge to announce, or a Contest that will be running, you will receive that notification.

The last Mini-Challenge I posted, I had a few people tell me they didn’t even know I was running it, and I want for everyone to at least have the opportunity to participate if they want to.

I hope you will consider joining us here (remember, it’s free to register). I have seen a major decline in participation of contests and challenges because of these new Facebook changes (not because of you guys) and it’s a shame what they are doing to their groups; while I know Facebook is a business, it makes it tough for the little guys like me, and there are many of us out there… to be able to continue running contests and buying prizes and putting all of our efforts into building a community that we can’t really communicate with anymore.

I want to thank all of you so much for being a part of YarnWars, we plan to continue all of the exciting things we’ve currently been doing and are planning on doing in the future, this is just a way to make sure you get those important announcements 

Please Note!! does not sell or pass along your information. Your privacy is protected here and your email will only be used to notify you of upcoming events or new additions on the website.

Thanks again everyone! I hope you are all having a Marvelous Monday! 


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